Current Projects

The Underscore Orkestra

World Folk Traditions funds world-wide touring projects for this Balkan, Klezmer, Gypsy Jazz, Swing and Bellydance band. Their culturally-diverse repertory consists of both traditional and original music that is utterly dance-able at its core. The band has been performing and touring for over half a decade, delighting audiences of all shapes and sizes and traveling the world… collecting traditional music to share. They recently recorded their 5th cd, this one sponsored by World Folk Traditions, which will actually be a VCD featuring the band and dancer performing a few pieces live. Their upcoming tour spanning March 2011 to August 2011 will include bicycling as a primary source of travel through Ireland, Belguim, France, Spain, Switzerland and Germany! A penny donated to this energetic and dedicated group is not a penny wasted!

Keep up to date with their adventures at:



A Balkan Inspired Music and Belly dance Extravaganza!!!

RevelMe! is a brand new Portland based project, currently touring with The Underscore Orkestra.  They are bringing their original take on these ancient art forms to diverse audiences the world over.

You can see them and listen to them here


Bohemian Festival in the Parks

Our aim with this festival is to bring together many of the bands in the world/bohemian music and performance community of Portland.  This is an all-ages all day, free festival followed by an evening concert and performance at a local Venue. The Festival hopes to bring together the likes of Portland based musicians such as The Wanderlust Circus,  The Underscore Orkestra, March 4th, Vagabond Opera, The Juan Prophet Organization, Negara, Znama, RevelMe! Rose City Vaudville and many others.


Music and Folk Dance Show (interactive)

A performance comprised of of folk tales, music, visual art and dance from different regions of the world. Our aim, seamlessly weaving cultural differences and similarities to educate audiences of all ages through entertaining and vibrant performance.
This show is absolutely perfect for schools, community centers, care facilities, and cultural gatherings as well as parties of any kind. The dances are taught with audience participation and the artists are open to post presentation Q & A.


Collecting traditions from eastern Europe

An ongoing project of collecting folk songs and tales from parts of eastern europe.  We sponsor travel to the inner reaches of Romania, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine and many other countries for artists to spend time to get to know the culture, the language, the traditional music, the folk tales and the dances of what is often referred to as the Balkans. We then use this knowledge (as a source material to prepare our balkan based programs) to bring the folk traditions to people in the United States, and beyond.



Visiting Performers Workshops

Are you a traveling musician? Do you have a well crafted, folk-based, art to share? Have you always wanted to visit the North West United States? -or- Are you an “appreciator of the arts” that has a well-loved artist you would like to bring to Portland, Oregon? Please contact World Folk Traditions with a brief description of the artist or group and we’d be delighted to consider hosting you/them for a weekend and workshop in our home city.